Asia Securities has become the first ZeroCarbon® certified investment services firm in Sri Lanka. This major milestone is a result of the firm’s deep commitment to the future of its community and decisive management actions to significantly reduce the impact of its business operations on the environment.

Working with the independent corporate sustainability consultancy, The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC), Asia Securities developed a far-reaching carbon management plan that included a comprehensive review of emissions from the firm’s operations following the quantification of its Carbon Footprint. To achieve this, the CCC followed the rigorous ZeroCarbon® Guideline, a framework created by the independent environmental certification organisation, The Sustainable Future Group (SFG), which is based on the globally recognized PAS 2060 Standard for Carbon Neutrality and developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Asia Securities has reduced its carbon footprint through responsible resource and waste management, including migrating customers to paperless transactions and reducing consumption of non-renewable energy, water and other resources in its own operations. The firm has also purchased registered carbon offsets to neutralise any remaining unavoidable emissions.

“Scientifically, it is beyond doubt, that we are over-consuming on Planet Earth and headed towards a bleak future for the next generation, unless businesses of all sizes intervene. Achieving carbon neutrality stems from our commitment to a sustainable future for our youth and children, and generations after them. Eliminating our carbon footprint is not only the right thing to do for our planet, but also a business imperative,” remarked Dumith Fernando, Chairman of Asia Securities. He further added that “As a leading investment services firm, it is not lost on us that the best investment we can make is in the future of our planet, by embracing innovative and impactful ways to reverse the course of Climate Change.”

Asia Securities has already set in motion a long-term strategy to integrate sustainability into its operations. In 2020, the firm established the Asia Securities Environmental Sustainability Working Group, a steering group of employees from across the firm who oversee the implementation of the environmental sustainability roadmap. The Working Group also continues to lead awareness-building activities on sustainability both, within and outside the firm. In parallel, Asia Securities is also turning its attention to offering sustainable investing solutions to its clientele. Despite challenges posed by the current pandemic, Asia Securities has continued to prioritize its work to combat Climate Change and will continue to do so.

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