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Ex-Pack Corrugated Cartons Limited - Initial Public Offering

Ex-pack Corrugated Cartons Ltd. is the market leader in the Sri Lankan Corrugated Cartons market, providing services to customers in many sectors throughout the last two decades. Ex-pack earns c. 52% of group revenue is in USD while catering to 8 export markets. Ex-pack is a fully owned subsidiary of Aberdeen Holdings (formally known as Expolanka Investment Pvt. Ltd.), a well reputed diversified family business with over three decades of proven track record across industries including pharmaceutical, commodities, aviation, transport, energy, farming, packaging and recycling, supply chain and logistics.

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  • 1. Application-Form-[Retail-and-Non-Retail]---Ex-Pack-Corrugated-Cartons-Limited---Initial-Public-Offering Download
  • 2. Information-Memorandum---Ex-Pack-Corrugated-Cartons-Limited---Initial-Public-Offering Download
  • 3. Prospectus---Ex-Pack-Corrugated-Cartons-Limited---Initial-Public-Offering Download
  • 4. Errata and Further Notice to the Prospectus dated 06th October 2021 Download